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13x19 (22x16 matted and framed). Mat and frame included (white frame).

watercolor, ink.


Deep Sea Skinny Dipping

lyrics by Paul Willson


It was on one bright may morning
I took off my scuba gear
I took off my clothes for you know
Little's the good they'll do you there
And slowly then I began to descend
The daylight away was slipping
It was time I knew
I was long overdue
To go deep sea skinny dipping


Mr Sun in the sky such an affable guy
But my business today's not with him
Something's calling me in the deep
I can hardly hear it in this din
Don't worry my friend yes we'll meet again
But it's no more that i will be skipping
that thing I need to be naked and free
To go deep sea skinny dipping


Some would say- what's the point of visiting there?
A cold lonesome place with no light
Wouldn't you rather be in coastal seas
Where the water is teeming and bright
But it's little they know there's plenty that glows and warmth and life where the sea floor is
It might make you alive to take a good dive
To go deep sea skinny dipping


So come all you good and honest folks

Take my aquatic advice
If you should go you're sure to grow
But this gift it comes at price
For once you start you'll oft feel apart
you may find that the world feels different
But it's you who's changed, for you can't stay the same
Once you';ve been deep sea skinny dipping



Deep Sea Skinny Dipping

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  • Pick up only for framed original art (in Richmond, VA).

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