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Selected Projects

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Laptop Writing


Advisory Board Member. Ethnomusicology Review, Volume 22. Edited by Samuel Lamontagne. University of California, Los Angeles, 2020.

Music critic and contributing writer for Edinburgh International Festival, and Royal Scottish National Orchestra and Scottish Chamber Orchestra Concert Seasons. Musical Criticism,  Edinburgh, UK,, 2010-2011.  

​Steward, Theresa. “Beyond a Politicization of Persian Cats: Representing Iranian Popular Musicians in the Western Media.” In Middle Journal of Culture and Communication. Edited by Mehdi Semati, May 2020.

Steward, Theresa. “In Between Home and Homeland: A Study of the Iranian Musical Diaspora through Mohsen Namjoo’s ‘Cielito Lindo.’” In  Popular Communications: Popular Music of Iran, Vol. 15, Issue 3. Edited by Mehdi Semati. 2017.

Steward, Theresa. “’We Just Make Music’: Deconstructing Notions of Authenticity in the Iranian DIY Underground.” In The Punk Reader: Research Transmissions from the Local and the Global. Edited by Mike Dines and Alastair Gordon. Bristol, UK: Intellect Books, 2019.

Steward, Theresa. Contributor. Music Around the World: A Global Encyclopedia. Edited by Matthew Milhalka and Andrew R. Martin. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, December 2019.

Steward, Theresa. Contributor. The SAGE International Encyclopedia of Music and Culture. Edited by Janet Sturman and J. Geoffrey Golson. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 2019.   


Steward, Theresa. “A Muslim in a Baptist Church: Discovering my Calling as a Sacred Musician.” In The Routledge Companion to Women and Musical Leadership: the Nineteenth Century and Beyond, Part Five: Faith and Spirituality: Worship and Sacred Musical Practices.  Edited by Laura Hamer and Helen Julia Minors, forthcoming.

Steward, Theresa, Contributor. "The Power of Claiming: Type Nine." Enneagram Alchemy. Edited by Sandra Smith. Forthcoming, 2024. 

Steward, Theresa. "'We Came From A Single Drop': Exploring Cultural Plurality and Continuity in the Rap-e FarsiDiaspora," In Popular Music and Society in Iran: New Directions. Edited by Nahid Siamdoust and Houchang Chehabi. Harvard University Press, forthcoming.

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