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16x16 (22x22 with frame). Matted and framed (black frame). Watercolor, acrylic, and ink.

Some Live As If
lyrics by Paul Willson


Forgotten by the sun at the bottom of the sea
Down where dawn’s red fingers can't reach

Some live as if in one long night
Only lit by wraiths and wisps of light

beings look a bit different down here
Darkness will do that after some years

alien angles jagged and smooth
Pale white and bright as shining jewels
In a sodden world pitch black and cold

How can anything manage to glow?


Claimed by the sun on a hill of green
Where dawn’s warm touch can be felt and seen
Some live as if in endless day
lit by inexhaustible rays

Beings seem as great as the gods up here
Nectar will do that after some years

Heavenly shapes and ambrosia on trees
Each color and taste unable to please

In a brilliant world of white and gold
How can light not reach the soul?

Some Live As If

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Pick-up only for framed original art (in Richmond, VA).

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